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The uses of Marijuana are growing all the time, here we highlight some of the known uses. How long will authorities continue prohibition of Cannabis when the medical benefits are undeniable?

Patients who are living with conditions that cause chronic pain have very limited options when it comes to managing this in the long-term. Many of the available treatments have an array of drawbacks and side-effects that make them a...
Cannabis and its use to prevent seizures. For epilepsy Cannabis is a potentially life saving treatment.

MS Treatment

Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients experience a number of unpredictable symptoms relating to their balance, vision and muscle movement. It is estimated that there are 100,000 people with MS in the UK, and is typically diagnosed in people between the...
15-year-old Coltyn Turner so ill he was confined to a wheelchair caused by the debilitating effects of Crohn’s Disease, talks about cannabis oil that changed his life. His treatment still frowned upon in some states has led to him...
Patients discuss the benefits of Cannabis in healing and coping with mental health, depression an anxiety.
The effects of Cannabis for treatment of Parkinson's is perhaps the most visually compelling evidence for legalisation.
The incredible story of a Tourettes sufferer who is able to take control of his symptoms and with the use of Cannabis. Watch this miraculous transition as the effects of smoking Cannabis relieve his illness.
Discusses the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis for sleep disorders.
The amasing story of Jackson who suffers from Cerebal Palsy and his treatment with Cannabis oil.
Long time Cannabis users can vouch for the increase in appetite "the munchies" caused by the medication. Now science is catching up, here's a brief introduction on the use of Cannabis and Anorexia.
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