One common claim among opponents of cannabis is that it causes psychosis. Psychosis is a break from reality which is characterised by hallucinations, delusions and impaired thinking. It is claimed prolonged use of cannabis can cause mental health issues.

“Cannabis should be used but not abused” stated one grower we spoke to “Cannabis can have huge beneficial effects on mental health, but one problem is prohibition. Prohibition actually encourages ‘weed psychosis’ with some growers cutting corners and not adequately removing chemicals used to grow the plant before drying out.”

The causes of psychosis are largely unknown however Cannabis use is popular among patients diagnosed with mental health issues. “Many patients self medicate on Cannabis who suffer psychosis, I myself found it healing and reduced my anxiety, helped with depression and it stopped episodes of psychosis. Many mental illness’s associated with cannabis use , including bipolar and schizophrenia, actually have no known cause and cannabis provides an easy scape goat and fits the government narrative on marijuana.” stated one Schizophrenia sufferer we spoke to.

A new study in Colorado where medical marijuana is legal has shown the number of individuals reporting marijuana exposure to poison control has been stable since legalisation. Since the 60’s Cannabis potency has steadily increased with THC levels rising in some strains. We would therefore expect to see increased levels of mental illness if the two are linked but this is not the case and the scientific community are divided on the issue.